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The ARB was formed in 1999 when the Birmingham and Midland BPA disbanded and formed a new association. It then became a founder member of the Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers together with the NAB and RBA.

Our aim is to represent our members through the FRB and AGT in the best and fairest way possible.

19th July 2021

ARC Message

From the 19thJuly onwards Bookmakers must purchase their Daily Betting Badges online in advance for all ARC courses, there will be no facility to purchase at the site on the day. Online purchase can be made until 11am on the Race day with the e-ticket being delivered straight to a smartphone via e-mail. These can also be printed for presentation if preferred.

The online Daily Betting Badge fee will give admission for the bookmaker and one member of staff as well as including the AGT daily fee.

Bookmakers with multiple pitches must buy a ticket for each pitch.

For bookmakers who are annual members, there is the option to buy a badge with the payment reduced by 1x. These badges will not include an admission barcoded ticket and you will need to scan your annual member badge to gain entry to the site.

The Annual Marketing Fee will not be payable until 1stSeptember 2021.

Go to the racecourse website and purchase the bookmaker’s tickets using the promo code WBTRB(see example below).


use these links for quick access to the ticket section of each racecourse

1. Choose your course

2. Choose the date of the meeting you are attending

3. Enter the promotion code WBTRB and apply code


The special bookmakers tickets will then appear. 

Select the appropriate ticket and proceed to check out. You will receive an email confirmation confirming the reservation. E-tickets will be emailed in plenty of time, ready to be scanned at the entrance.

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