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The ARB was formed in 1999 when the Birmingham and Midland BPA disbanded and formed a new association. It then became a founder member of the Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers together with the NAB and RBA.

Our aim is to represent our members through the FRB and AGT in the best and fairest way possible.

14th April 2021

FRB Update

The FRB have made a number of submissions on behalf of its members over the last few weeks. We have finalised our submission on the Gambling Act 2005 review and included a number of recommendations.

The FRB has also made a submission on the proposal by the Gambling Commission to increase fees from 2021 and voiced our concerns and objections to this proposal.

Most bookmakers will have seen many news articles regarding a proposal to restrict losses by individuals when gambling and the FRB has made a submission to the DCMS with strong reservations and concerns that this would not be practical and would be damaging to our industry as a whole.

We continue to support our members' interests through these difficult times and look forward to us all returning to the racecourse soon.

Keep safe and well.

FRB Directors.

14th April 2021

Problem Gambling

The FRB thought it would be helpful to issue guidance in order to make you aware of the signs of problem gambling in order for you to respond accordingly - click here for details.

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